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Sending A Cover Letter Via Fax

Although faxing your resume may seem like a good choice since it will reach the recruiter fast, the quality and neatness of your resume will be compromised. For this reason, you should only consider faxing your resume and cover letter when:

  • The employer requests it in the advertisement.
  • When you have to meet a deadline for an application.
  • When you have already spoken to the recruiter or employer and informed him that you will fax it and will send or deliver a hard copy of the resume at a certain date.

Disadvantages of faxing your resume

  • Besides the poor quality of faxes, most employers regard unsolicited faxes as rude. Their first impression of you when you send a fax without prior arrangement is that you are unconsidered of their resources and ignorant about business ethics.
  • Your privacy can be compromised when faxing your resume since several employees may share the same fax facility and may read your resume.
  • Your fax can get misplaced.

Things to do when faxing your resume

  • Always mail or deliver the original CV or resume after sending the fax.
  • Make use of a good quality fax facility that provides a record of when the fax is received and that indicates how many pages have been transmitted.
  • Call the recruiter or employer to confirm that the fax has been received and is eligible.
  • Include a cover page that includes your contact information, purpose of the fax, recipient details and your cover letter.
  • Use black ink or font color on white bond paper. If your font color is blue or another color on the original resume or CV, the fax will not be legible for the employer.
  • Never use color paper.
  • Don't use too small fonts but remember that your font size may not exceed more than 20 points. The font size must be no smaller than 12 points. Many employers may wish to scan a copy and thus need a larger font.
  • If your original resume has a lot of dark borders, you should first make a print without the borders. Too much black lines will appear untidy.
  • First print a copy to make sure that it is legible before faxing your CV from your computer.
  • Set the fax machine to fine mode to ensure high quality transmission.
  • Include a header with your name and contact details on every page.
  • Don't condense your letters; rather use normal spacing or an extra point apart between two letters to make the resume more readable.

Curious on how to write a fax cover letter?

Not sure whether this method is still optimal in today’s job search?

Truth be told, not all companies are modern. This is true. Visit several company websites and you’ll quickly realize that advertising a fax number within a contact page is common practice.

So, why are so many companies maintaining faxing capabilities when they could accept scanned/emailed important documents?

The realization that not all companies operate alike. Sure, finding a fax number for Google would be harder than finding a fax number for a local bank or manufacturer. Keep this in mind while searching for new employment.

Smaller companies tend to still have fax lines, while larger, more high-volume employers do not.

When opting to fax your resume, there are a few questions you might have at this point.

For example:

  • How to fill out a fax cover sheet?
  • How different should a fax cover sheet be from a cover letter?
  • What does a fax cover letter look like?
  • Will a simple fax cover sheet work, or should you use something more in-depth?
  • Are there free faxing services you could use?

Here are answers to help you before faxing anything:

How to fill out a fax cover letter?

A fax cover sheet should be a fill-in-the-blank document. Be sure to use a fax cover that you design yourself. In fact, match the design of your fax cover sheet to that of your resume and cover letter. This way, everything “matches” and look cohesive.

How different should a fax cover sheet be from a cover letter?

You have a couple of options here. First, you could write a fax cover sheet that’s basic, offering only a date, to, from, subject, and a quick intro to you. Or, you could use a fax cover letter that looks more like a cover letter, offering more “body” and detail most often seen in cover lettters. See the below example.

What does a fax cover letter look like? Will a simple fax cover sheet work, or should you use something more in-depth?

I think I covered this question thoroughly above; however, if you still need guidance, see the sample fax cover below.

Are there free faxing services you could use?

Absolutely! Free faxing services still exist, including Efax.com and FaxZero.com. The one obstacle for free faxing services is sometimes the presence of ads. Just imagine faxing your resume and cover letter to a potential employer and they see “This free fax was provided by X.” This is seen as unprofessional for those on the receiving end.

There are free online fax apps too. Some of the more popular include:

At this point, you’re ready to write what you’re planning to use the next time you fax your resume and cover letter.

Basic Fax Cover Sheet





In this area, include a few brief details on the purpose of your fax. Also be sure to include what you’re hoping to get in return; e.g. callback for a job interview.



More Advanced Example Fax Cover Sheet



Contact Name

Your Name
10-Year IT Director (add a quick-glance career description, like this one, if you wish)

RE: IT Director Position

For this position, you’re seeking a qualified professional with 3 or 4 key ingredients: management, networking, programming, and systems development experience. Am I right? I’ll outline how my background “hits the bulls-eye,” so you can easily see I’m the perfect candidate for this job. I guide and assist each tech through technical aspects of the installation process, ensuring each customer receives top-quality service and is given the support needed — whether it applies to PC support, networking, programming, telecommunications or data communications. Plus, I presently serve as team leader for HT Technical Resources and supervise the teams for HT Technical Resources. Whether managing the team or handling internal administrative processes, I possess extensive knowledge and I’ve done a great job overseeing a technical operation.

Matching every facet of your job description, I’m a perfect match for this position. To discuss my qualifications further, or to answer questions, call me at (814) 622-1821 or (814) 622-9191. I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you.


The Fax Cover Letter Makes a Comeback?

Written By Jimmy Sweeney

[Be sure not to miss the example fax cover letter above]

Busy offices today are inundated with faxes and more than a handful of fax cover letters [learn how to fax your cover letter for free], not least because direct mail companies have discovered this tool to be a cheap means of blasting information out to as many potential customers as they can find. The poor office fax machine has become a sort of mass broadcasting medium for anyone trying to peddle their wares, no matter how unsuited to the recipient they may be. It is vitally important today that if you are going to send a fax and yes, even if you are sending direct mail yourself that you take the time to craft an intriguing fax cover letter. Unless your intention is simply to fill up the recipient’s wastebasket.

Here is something they don’t tell you (because they really don’t want you to know): a fax cover letter gives your fax a massive advantage over any other correspondence sent via that medium. In the first place, it is only through a fax cover letter that you can inform the recipient of how many pages they should have received. All too often, a paper jam or a lack of paper in the paper tray will lead to a page being lost from your fax communication, and there is no reason unless you specifically tell them for the recipient to know that a page is actually missing.

Pros & Cons of the Fax Cover Letter

More importantly, however, companies tend to treat faxes that come with a cover letter as more important than those that do not. They simply look like they are more likely to have something important to say when compared to those one-page fax shots with pictures of laser printer toner cartridges and a list of pricing that make up the bulk of received faxes today.

Furthermore, a fax cover letter gives the recipient the opportunity to quickly get an idea of the content of the pages behind it and to decide whether it is worth their time to read further. This is an important step because it is the only real opportunity you have to either hook them or lose them forever.

It is also important to remember that today, many companies use PC-based fax software instead of traditional fax machines. That means that you can really go to town on your cover letter, making it striking and appealing without worrying that the recipient is going to be annoyed that you are using up all their toner or ink on the other end of the line.

Since you are not forcing them to print graphics against their will because they make the choice of whether to print or not you can design a stunningly good cover letter today, that will be greeted with interest rather than an annoyance.

Fax may be a communication medium that is on the way out, as email cover letters become more and more prevalent. But while it is still very much in use, a fax cover letter can give you a significant advantage when it comes to being noticed and greatly increase your chances of a successful outcome.

More Answers About Fax Cover Sheets

1. Does a fax cover sheet replace a cover letter?

Yes, sometimes it does. It the fax cover contains many of the elements from the cover letter, then including a cover letter as well with your fax seems redundant. In cases where your fax cover is more basic, not containing much detail from the cover letter, then yes, send a cover letter along as well. Either way, you want to ensure the employer possesses a letter with full details about how your skills meet the hiring company’s needs.

2. Is there really a wrong way when writing a fax cover sheet?

Ensure that your fax cover clearly states the “TO” because you don’t want your important documents floating around the office. Also, stick with the same visual layout, header, and font as your resume and cover letter so everything matches. I can’t stress the importance of your materials being professional “across the board.”

3. Are there limitations with a fax cover letter?

Much like the cover letter, try to contain it to one page. Remember, it’s always been questionable how many hiring agents and recruiters actually read these documents so push yourself to only one page of cover letter writing. For cold-contact cover letters written by students, project managers, medical, or accounting personnel, the guidelines are similar. Keep the content tight.

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