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Perfection Learning Answer Key Lesson 3 Homework

Teach Tier 2 and Tier 3 academic vocabulary through authentic, grade-level appropriate fiction and informational text

Powerful features have made this your favorite vocabulary program.


  • selection of master words and instructional pedagogy grounded in scientific studies of the most effective strategies to learn vocabulary—Isabel L. Beck, Margaret G. McKeown, and others

Literature-based context

Words are introduced in the rich context of selections commonly used in the classroom

  • classic and contemporary literary passages and multicultural authors
  • Exemplar and Exemplar Author texts
  • 50 percent of each book is informational selections from three categories of informational texts—English Language Arts; History/Social Studies; and Science, Mathematics, and Technical subjects

In-depth exposure

300 master words in each Student Edition

  • 10 words per lesson with six activities for each provide multiple exposures and deepen learning
  • six review sections focus on general and domain-specific use of master words

State standards skills practice

  • exercises address grade-level specific vocabulary requirements and include writing activities to expand vocabulary and address state standards in writing and reading
  • assessment is patterned after SAT, Smarter Balanced, and PARCC item types
    • unit level assessment
    • student test booklets

Quizlet online practice and assessment

  • additional practice through digital flash cards and motivating word games
  • generates and scores self-assessments in a variety of formats
  • FREE access here

Teacher Editions

A reproduction of the Student Edition with answers.

Test Booklets

Student test booklets include lesson, uni, and whole book tests.

Teacher Editions

Each unit follows a consistent step-by-step plan to teach a spelling principle all in a wraparound Teacher Edition with easy-to-read versions of student pages and answers for convenient point-of-use reference. The first page of each instructional unit in the Teacher Edition succinctly summarizes learning objectives, materials, and word lists for each unit.

  • systematic three- and five-day lesson plans for each unit
  • step-by-step instructional design in each unit to introduce, develop, apply, and transfer new learning
  • enrichment activities and opportunities for student-generated word lists
  • ELL support and differentiated instruction built into each lesson
  • comprehensive assessment and program management resources
  • Unit Previews succinctly summarize learning objectives, materials, and word lists for each unit
  • Point of Use references provide an overview of all key resources and answers in one easy-to-access location
  • reteaching strategies and reproducibles provide multiple options for reinforcing spelling concepts

Introduce the spelling concept with suggested activities and read and encourage discussion of the unit words. Help students remember the concept using "Remember This."

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Students independently practice the spelling words using the spelling concept. Provide differentiation by incorporating extra practice activities for unit words (on level), mastery words (below level), and bonus words (above level).

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Integrate the spelling words with a variety of language, reading, and writing activities.

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Have students apply the spelling concept independently to the differentiated word lists.

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Assess spelling ability, enrich with activities for both classroom and home, and reteach students needing extra assistance.

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