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Solutions To Bullying Essay

A Treatment of Solutions to Bullying in Schools Essay

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Bullying has always been present within the United States. Although the issue has been around for a long time, it continues to grow and become more of problem. It is said that about 160,000 children within the United States are refusing to go to school because of bullying. Another statistic is that within American schools alone, there are an estimated 2.1 billion bullies and 2.7 billion victims (Dan Olewus, MBNBD). The numbers presented here are outrageous and although there are organizations to stop bullying, obviously there needs to be a new set of solutions. Any type of bullying presents problems to children, “Suicide, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, trouble with the law, poor performance in school and work, and lack of…show more content…

In schools, a program should be implanted to teach the entire administration about bullying in every form. The information provided should also include steps on taking corrective action to stop bullying. Not only would the classes entail how to stop bullying, but also making sure they have a complete understanding of what damage could be done to the victims of bullying. Austin, Reynolds, Barnes, and Shirley support my solution, “School counselors should be school leaders who advocate for students… In this role, the school counselor should work with the school administration to support teachers and other school personnel as they help students. An appropriate role in meeting the challenge of bullying is helping school personnel understand personal characteristics of students in their roles of bullying (School Leadership and Counselors Working Together to Address Bullying). A counselor should pay a huge role in helping the entire administration understand bullying. A suggestion would be to have workshops for bullying at least three times a year explains completely in the beginning of the year and re-addressing the issue throughout the year. No school should be allowed to ignore the issue with bullying. Furthermore, as bullies are caught in the act, there should be immediate action and consequences. Many bullies in schools go un-noticed therefore they never have to

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Running head: BULLYING 3 Bullying Seventy-seven percent of students claim to have been a victim of bullying, according to  bullyingstatistics.org. Bullying is one of the most important and fastest growing problems in the world as we know it today. A bully is someone who is overbearing and quarrelsome who picks on younger, smaller, and weaker people. Bullying usually affects children and teens, but it can also happen in the workplace or at home for adults as well. Although many people say bullying is something that can never be stopped, we can prepare to slow down the growth of bullying and eventually stop it by setting up programs at schools to prevent bullying and teaching young adults how to stand up for themselves. The growing issue of bullying is one of the most talked about issues in the country. Bullying can have many effects on people. For example, being bullied can lead to life-long negative psychol

ogical effects. In this case, someone‟s life can change forever just because one

 person decided to be cruel and pick on them. In other cases, being a victim of bullying can lead to social coping problems. People need to have friends and social well-being in order to be connected and a part of the human race. If someone is unsociable, it may lead to depression, or even worse, suicidal thoughts. Victims of bullying can also become withdrawn from school work

and their grades. This is a huge problem because someone‟s future and potential l

ife could be ruined just because bullies have nothing better to do than harass younger, weaker, and smaller  people.

These aren‟t the only problems that victims of bullying can encounter. Possibly the worst

effect that victims of bullying may endure is the fact that they may turn into bullies themselves. Being harassed and picked on may be just enough to push a person to the point to where they start searching for someone who is weaker than them so that they can carry out the same actions on that person that was brought about onto them by their bully.

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