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Short Essay On My Grandmother In Hindi

Essay No. 01

My grandmother

My grandmother is a godless in the form of a woman. The sole aim other life is service and sacrifice. Thus she deserves claims and commands and respect in our family.

My grandmother is the busiest member of the family. She is the most important wheel in the family vehicle. She is the lady who nurses and looks after the children. She is a religious woman. Soon after getting up before dawn, she takes her bath and absorbs herself in prayer. She reads holy books and recites in a sing song manner while sitting before the temple that she has set up in the house.

My grandmother is good cook. She loves to prepare meals and serve delicious food tall members of the family. She infect, acts like a machine. The time between 1 P.M. and 4 P.M. is reserved for sewing and needle working spite of her age. She is a healthy and stout lady. She looks after every work of the house. We therefore love her very much. We all consult her in all matters to the family. Thus our family affairs are running smoothly, there is no difficulty before us. There is no quarrel among us.

She is very kind and considerate. She is very bard working. She never wastes a single moment of her life. She is always busy in this work or that work. Thus our family is progressing by leaps and bounds under her guidance. She takes care of us. She is not fond of showy clothes or ornaments. She is very hospitable. She is an ideal and pious lady. She has a great love for the motherland.


Essay No. 02


My Grandmother


Any Old Woman


A Senior Citizen

My grandmother’s name is Mrs. Sushila Rani. She is a very old lady.  She may be .a hundred years old or somewhere around it. She does  not exactly know her age. She does not know her date of birth. She has  never celebrated her birthday.

She has silver white hair. She has lost all her teeth. Her eyesight is  very weak. Even with the spectacles on her nose, she cannot see very  clearly. Sometimes, she takes a small bundle of black woollen article  for a cat and cries out to scare it away.

She always keeps mumbling something behind her lips. We guess  that she is always praying to God. She is an illiterate lady. She is a very  superstitious lady. She has a firm faith in God. She worships the idols  both in the morning and in the evening.

She is very weak, She walks with a stick. Even with the stick she can’t walk much. She laments that she is no longer able to go to the temple. She spends much of her time in bed.

 She suffers from so many ailments. Sometimes, she has cough. Sometimes, she feels a severe pain in her legs, stomach or head. But she has a great power of tolerance. When she has any trouble, she prays to God instead of weeping, crying and moaning. Still, rarely she has bouts of depression when she recalls her childhood and youth. It is very surprising that even though her memory has gone very weak, she can recall clearly certain happenings of her life. Even if she is illiterate, she exhorts me to pay full attention to my studies. Though she loves all mankind, she loves me in particular and hugs me off and on. I also love her dearly and try to help her in walking and other activities. May she live for many more years!

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